Pet Diagnostics

Detecting issues early is crucial in ensuring optimal care for your pet. At our facility, we provide a wide range of comprehensive in-house diagnostic services, encompassing radiology, ultrasound, and an on-site laboratory, empowering us to swiftly and accurately identify and address your pet’s health needs.

A cat having ultrasound
A dog is having ultrasound

Pet Diagnostics

Our streamlined diagnostic services not only save time and money but also offer invaluable peace of mind by swiftly and precisely diagnosing your pet’s condition.

Depending on the reason for your pet’s visit, we might recommend digital X-rays or radiographs. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation directed toward the body to highlight objects within. They can detect abnormalities, including skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies, and dental disease. The fact that our X-ray capabilities are digital means that images are instantly available, incredibly precise, and easily shared.

We use a wide range of diagnostic tools such as:


Ultrasound is a non-invasive and invaluable diagnostic tool that plays a pivotal role in veterinary medicine. At Westside Animal Hospital, we utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to examine organs, tissues, and blood vessels, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of your pet’s health.


We employ X-ray technology to capture detailed images of your pet’s internal structures, including bones, organs, and soft tissues. X-rays are particularly valuable for identifying fractures, joint issues, and abnormalities within the chest or abdominal cavities. This procedure is typically quick and well-tolerated by pets, providing our experienced veterinarians with critical information to make accurate diagnoses and formulate effective treatment plans.

Dental X-rays

By incorporating dental X-rays into our pet care protocols, we ensure a thorough understanding of your pet’s oral health, facilitating early diagnosis and the implementation of effective dental care strategies.

Onsite Lab

At Westside Animal Hospital, our commitment to delivering comprehensive and efficient veterinary care is exemplified by our onsite laboratory. Equipped with diagnostic technology, our lab allows for the prompt and accurate analysis of your pet’s blood, urine, and other essential samples.

Testing provided in the hospital includes:


Complete Blood Counts (CBC)


Blood Chemistry Panels (assessing organ health)


Electrolyte Panels (essential for critical care)


Heartworm /Lyme /Anaplasma /Ehrlichia /Feline Leukemia /Giardia testing


Urinalysis (Urine testing for disease or infections)


Fecal parasite screening

We harness the strength of ultrasound as an additional advanced diagnostic resource. Ultrasound generates real-time images of your animal’s body, providing insights into vital internal processes encompassing the circulatory, skeletal, and gastrointestinal systems. This imaging technique helps identify diseases, blockages, skeletal fractures, soft tissue injuries, and other internal ailments.

While imaging services like ultrasounds offer valuable information, many diagnoses rely on laboratory tests. Our on-site capabilities encompass various blood tests, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and diverse testing methods, eliminating the need to send samples to an external lab. This streamlined approach ensures faster results, enabling a more efficient and prompt treatment strategy.

Discover Reliable Pet Diagnostics at Westside Animal Hospital in Cumberland, ME

Westside Animal Hospital, situated in Cumberland, ME, is your trusted partner for precise and timely pet diagnostics. Our team of dedicated veterinarians, combined with advanced diagnostic equipment, works seamlessly to deliver comprehensive and dependable pet diagnostics services.

Understanding the Significance of Pet Diagnostics

Accurate and timely diagnostics are crucial in effective veterinary care. Early identification of health issues enables our team to devise targeted treatment plans, enhancing outcomes and ensuring the health of your cherished pets.

When prioritizing your pet’s health, trust Westside Animal Hospital for dependable and efficient pet diagnostics services in Cumberland, ME. Our dedication to excellence and compassionate care distinguishes us. Schedule an appointment today to provide your pet with the highest quality care available.